Bag Palletizing Accessories

Bag Palletizing Accessories

Pallet Rotator

If the load on a pallet needs to be placed on another pallet, the SYMACH pallet rotator is the solution. This machine rotates the full pallet 180 degrees, so the pallet lays on top of the load and can be taken out.

The pallet rotator is available in various types, where the customer’s specifications will lead to the final design. The machine can be equipped with an automatic system to take out and restack the original pallet.

Pallet Label Applicator

Automatic pallet labelling without using adhesives

In a supply chain, a correct pallet label is indispensable. The relevant information must be applied to the pallet in a clearly legible, including a machine-readable, form. Much has been written about the information and standards for a pallet label, but it is equally important that the pallet label is printed and applied reliably and cost-effectively.

When one hears the word pallet label one quickly thinks of a self-adhesive label. Yet in many cases working with adhesives are not the best solution or can even be impossible because of the product or because of the circumstances.

SYMACH offers as a solution a pallet wrapper with integrated printer and pallet label applicator without the use of adhesives.

SYMACH pallet wrapper with integrated printer and pallet label applicator

The SYMACH pallet wrapping machine with rotating arm can now be extended with a new model single or double pallet label printer and applicator. This solution has been developed to be integrated with the wrapper to process the pallet data, print the label, and for an automated arm to take the label from the printer to apply it to the pallet. With a double label applicator, it is even possible to apply labels on 4 sides of the pallet without time loss, allowing for the wrapping of 40 pallets per hour, all fitted with 4 labels.

The data is integrated into the SYMACH palletizer-line. A recipe is set or selected on the palletizer where a batch code can be added manually.

The information for the label tracks the pallet throughout the entire process, starting at the request of an empty pallet from the pallet warehouse. Each station passed will be giving the pallet information to the next station and eventually to the PC to automatically generate a pallet label. This also makes it possible to operate with multiple palletizers through a single pallet wrapping machine with automatic pallet labeler. It is even possible to link the entire line with the ERP system, thus avoiding manual entries and errors. Data, such as language versions, delivery addresses, and the number of pallets in a shipment, can be added from the ERP system. Data from the palletizer/pallet labeler can also be made available to the ERP package for report purposes.

No peeling label corners

Labels with peeling corners don’t make a good impression and damage easily whereby key information is no longer legible. Even worse is when the labels come off altogether. Missing or illegible pallet labels create a lot of frustration and extra work. The A4 labels applied with the pallet wrapper label applicator remain firmly attached and readable.

Save on consumables

Adhesive labels are expensive and tie you to a certain type of roll or sheet that limits your choice. And a label printer generally works with an expensive printer ribbon. The SYMACH solution simply uses A4 printing paper and printer toner, which can save significantly on consumables.

Automatically generate and apply pallet label

The information for the pallet label tracks the pallet throughout the entire process and eventually to the PC to automatically generate a pallet label. An automated arm removes the label from the printer and applies the label between the net. The SYMACH pallet label solution is data-driven instead of layout-driven. A data-driven label offers a great degree of flexibility as an advantage. This makes it easy to comply with diverse customer inquiries, comprehensive information and local laws and regulations.

No time loss

Separate label printing labelers or applying labels manually takes time and labor in the production process. The fully automated and integrated solution keeps labor and production time under control.

Single solution for multiple pallet sizes

SYMACH’s application is not limited to one pallet size but can adjust to all popular pallet sizes without changeover.

Eliminate errors

Erroneous information works very disruptively to the logistics process. And each manual data entry is, apart from the time it takes, a risk of error. The integration in the system means data is sent with the pallet and there is no need for manual data entry. The SYMACH palletizing line can also use data from the ERP package. This option not only makes it possible to use data from the ERP system, such as language versions, a delivery address, product and batch codes to add a label, but also to do so without risk of error.

Even works where adhesives cannot be used or are banned from use

Several product types and circumstances make it impossible to work with self-adhesive pallet labels. On pallets with products such as onion or potato bags, which are wrapped with a net, labels cannot be applied properly. In dusty, humid or cold environments self-adhesive labels are no easy solution. Because the SYMACH pallet labeler does not use adhesives to apply labels, but rather wraps the label to the pallet, a pallet label can even be applied to uneven surfaces or under difficult circumstances.

The SYMACH pallet wrapper with new model integrated pallet label applicator creates an automated flexible solution with high-quality pallet labels without loss of time. The first new model double application for pallet labels on all 4 sides has recently been installed at the customer.

Protection Corner/ Strapping

The SYMACH corner setting and strapping machine places protective corners on a stacked pallet, either fully automatically or semi-automatically. This machine automatically straps the finished pallets with the number of straps as programmed. The machine can be used as stand-alone or can be integrated into a pallet conveyor line. A corner setting machine is also known as a corner board applicator, corner applicator or edge applicator.

The strapping machine is also available without the corner setting functionality.

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