Image of Thiele Integral Poly Sealer

Integral Poly Sealer

The Thiele Integral Poly Sealer offers unprecedented speed and reliability. At speeds in excess of 150 feet per minute, you’re guaranteed to increase your productivity.

The Integral Poly Sealer is integrated directly into either Thiele’s OmniStar Bagger or UltraStar Bagger. This innovation lets you seal poly bags or zipper top bags at speeds of over 30 bags per minute.

Production Rate
  • Up to 20 bags per minute with OmniStar
  • Up to 35 bags per minute with OmniStar

  • Length: 1092.2mm (43")
  • Width: 381mm (15")
  • Height: 254mm (10")

Power Requirements
  • Power supplied by bagger

Air Requirements
  • Air supplied by bagger
  • Helps ensure small footprint for machine by eliminating external sealer
  • Eliminates bag jam that often occurs with handoffs to external sealing products
  • Servo-driven top and bottom belt system for positive bag control
  • Advanced parameter electronics adjustable by recipe through HMI

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