Hayssen R300 Flow Wrapper Hayssen R300 Flow Wrapper

Hayssen R300 Flow Wrapper

The Hayssen R300 is a robust hand-fed flow wrapper designed to maximize uptime and minimize cleaning time. Ideal for packaging cookies, brownies, morning goods, and other sticky, gooey, or crumbly baked goods.

The Hayssen R300's new design aims to increase ease of use, minimize chances of setup error, and improve ergonomics for operators. Its features include a more intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) design that allows new operators to learn the system and onboard faster. On top of the user-friendly HMI, the Hayssen R300 has an ultra-low roll height, which increases operator accessibility.

To maximize uptime, the Hayssen R300 provides simple features to automatically eliminate jaw jams. Unlike most other flow wrappers, the Hayssen R300 has clear guards and an open design to provide better visibility into the long seam unit for safe and timely troubleshooting. Other features that help operators respond to faults faster include an additional control panel at the operator's point of use and large LED lights to indicate the machine's status at a distance.

The Hayssen R300 has been carefully designed to be beginner friendly, while also offering options for upgrades and automation as needed. The adjustable folding box can suit a wide range of SKUs to accommodate future line expansion or changes.

Finally, we've incorporated hygienic design features in the Hayssen R300 flow wrapper that make it easy to clean. The infeed incorporates an open-channel stainless steel design and sloped pans underneath, making wiping down or rinsing fast and effortless.

  • 480v 3 phase
  • 850mm +/-50mm bed height
  • Max film reel width – 500mm
  • Max film reel diameter – 350mm
  • No Product, No Bag


  • Speed – up to 150ppm
  • Product Length – 40 to 500mm
  • Product Width – 25 to 235mm
  • Product Height – 2 to 130mm


  • HMI-guided changeovers reduce changeover time and associated errors
  • Simple, intuitive HMI layout with straightforward operating screens
  • Driven film unwind avoids tedious setup and minimizes chance of error compared to traditional brake systems
  • Package length, tightness control, and registration can easily be adjusted during production making new product setup quick and simple
  • Automated jaw height adjustment reduces manual set up and ensures jaw is in a consistent and optimal location for each SKU change


  • Sloped pans under infeed allow debris to fall through for easy clean up
  • Toolless infeed guards are easily removed, allowing open access for cleaning
  • Integrated blower cleans debris from chain during cleaning mode
  • Open-channel stainless steel infeed design makes wipe down and/or rinse fast and effortless
  • Metal detectable lugs allow for x-ray detection, enabling food safety validation


  • Servo motor jaw drive detects and automatically clears product jams without stopping production
  • Clear guards and open design allow visibility throughout the machine - including the Long Seam Unit (LSU)
  • LED lights indicate machine status from a distance and increase visibility by illuminating the machine while guards are open
  • Widely available Allen Bradley components ensure optimal parts availability and support compared to proprietary control platforms
  • Modular frame and extendable infeed simplify upgrades as production needs change

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