Streamfeeder Flex Feeder

Flex Feeder

Do you have difficulty dispensing difficult to feed products that may be flexible, thin, flimsy, uneven, or not uniform in shape? Streamfeeder's Flex Feeder solves this challenge by efficiently shingling the product while supporting the entire piece through the feeder. The Flex Feder is ideal for operations in food and consumer goods packaging by automating product dispensing for applications per the below. A vacuum transport and optional shingling conveyor can be added to offer a complete system solution.


  • Adjustable feed belts
  • Casters and leveling feet
  • Dual feed belts with soft and hard separator plates
  • Product alignment guides
  • Push button controls
  • Variable speed control


Paper bags, Plastic bags, Foil pouches, Valve pouches, Zip lock bags, and more


Addressing, Attaching, Coding, Date Stamping, Labeling, Printing, Scanning, Tabbing, Tip-on/Affixing, Verification

  • System integration with downstream machines

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