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Customer Solution: MH7 Upgrade Can Be Retrofitted to Existing Simionato Baggers

Jun 21, 2017

We have just released a new upgrade in line with our ongoing commitment to lifetime customer support for form-fill-seal equipment. This controls upgrade will allow customers to replace the electrical control system in MH7 and S12 baggers within the Simionato product line. This offers an advantage to customers who are satisfied with the mechanical performance of older existing units, but need to update the electrical platforms and avoid the risk of phase out components. 

The upgrade’s advantages include a simple and user-friendly operator interface with a color touch screen as well as updated safety guards. Viviana Basile, BW Flexible Systems Customer Service Representative, comments, “Our customers have driven this upgrade introduction. They have been happy with the MH7 and S12 models in the case of performance, but need to ensure that the electrical components do not expire. Now, they can quickly modernize older baggers with easier to set parameters, a wider recipe-memory and internet connection for tele-assistance.”