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Schib CO50TG Flow Wrapper Provides Friulana Panini Increased Speeds

Jun 21, 2017

We have recently installed one of our latest Schib CO50 TG machines at FRIULANA PANINI in Italy, a leader company in producing and packaging sandwiches, tramezzino sandwiches and pizza for the food service industry, including the hotel and catering industry and the vending machines market.

Located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the company has been in the market for more than 40 years and prides itself on its fresh, genuine products that are widespread distributed in Northern Italy daily, beginning right at dawn.

In compliance with customer’s specifications, this packaging machine featuring faster box motion HFFS technology, is running sandwiches and tramezzino sandwiches at up to 55 per minute, but we successfully tested it up to 75 packs/min as well (30% faster than our previous CO 50 TG model).

The machine is fully servo driven, featuring multi-axis drive technology with as many as 5 independent brushless motors so to control the in-feed conveyor, the belt before the sealing bars, the sealing wheels, the box motion as well as the closing of the sealing bars.

Ideal for modified atmosphere packaging, the box motion system can deliver high integrity seals if used in conjunction with MAP barrier films. This makes the machine suitable for products that require hermetic sealing as in gas flush applications.

In any case, the Schib CO50 TG flow wrapper is capable of handling packaging materials that include polypropylene, laminated foil, and barrier films.

The machine is equipped with many options, including reel run out detection, motorized film pre-feed, pre-printed film registration and gas flush kit (gas lance and valve). Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting are possible with State-of-the-Art remote service device.

Says Mr. Gian Andrea Molaro, Chairman of Friulana Panini, “We are delighted with our Schib CO50 TG flow wrapper, it is reliable, efficient, easy-to-operate and to clean. Moreover, we have particularly appreciated the ease of its 7” touch screen mounted on a swivel arm. The machine perfectly preserves the freshness of our premium quality sandwiches. We aim to increase our production capacity in the future and we know that the machine will be able to support our growth with speeds up to 75 packs per minute”.