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Medical Packaging with Schib

Jun 08, 2020

Every industry has its own packaging challenges and requirements. None more so than the medical industry, where stringent hygiene requirements and contamination control for clean room environments are vital.

Enter Schib. Schib, a BW Flexible Systems brand, has years of experience designing and installing packaging machinery for the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, having packaged products such as face masks, IV bags, single-use care kits, medical and diagnostic devices, tubing, syringes, Petri dishes for microbiological culture, plastic vials, and much more.

Because of this experience, Schib has developed standout features and capabilities that make them an ideal medical packaging solutions provider.

Medical Flow Wrap Packaging Features

Product safety is a major priority. Medical and pharmaceutical packaging involves meeting strict sanitation standards and frequently maintaining sterile environments. To meet these requirements, Schib's horizontal flow wrappers, such as the CO 50 TG and the CO 50 BBTG, offer features like:

  • High barrier protection
  • Gas flush
  • Vision systems for inspection
  • Suitability for clean room environments
  • Stainless steel versions available

Packaging Flexibility

Packaging requirements in the medical and pharmaceutical field demand a lot of flexibility. Films and packaging forms can vary widely depending on product and use. To meet these needs, Schib has developed a diverse set of machines that offer the flexibility you require.

Packaging Film Flexibility

Every Schib model can run a wide variety of packaging films, ranging from polypropylene or polyethylene to multi-layer laminates and high-quality barrier films that keep bacteria, moisture and air away from the package contents.

Packaging Form Flexibility

Schib's packaging solutions include standard and inverted flow wrappers with rotary or box motion horizontal flow wrapping technology, deploying top-notch components and multi-axis servo controls for high-speed performance.

In addition, Schib machines offer useful features like tear notches, easy opening and resealing, slug, multi-pack, gusseting, and many other options.

Service & Training

To maximize uptime and product quality, Schib offers Secure Remote Service through high-speed and intelligent communication units for service and maintenance, enabling us to perform remote software upgrades, machine configuration checks and real-time diagnostic support.

Every BW Flexible Systems machine includes lifetime support from knowledgeable team members across the globe. Training and maintenance programs are also available, offering focused technical instruction for operators and maintenance personnel, to help them be more efficient and productive.

Our many years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industries allow us to provide a consultative and comprehensive approach in reviewing your needs and challenges so that we work closely together to ensure the final packaging solution is optimized for you.

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