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Get to Know Thiele's High Capacity Bag Magazine

Dec 01, 2020

The Thiele Star Series high capacity bag magazine helps lower production costs by increasing the magazine capacity by nearly double the number of bags per bag stack, allowing operators more time to focus on other tasks.

LCBM End ViewThe heart of the design is the arched back of the new magazine versus the conventional design which is horizontal. While stacks of PBOM Paper bags run just fine on the flat design because the bags stack very straight, the arched back helps to make up for Poly and woven poly bags that are much thicker on the closed end than they are on the open end. Traditionally, these bags fan significantly when placed in a stack, but the high capacity bag magazine's angled bed offsets the fanning effect.

The high capacity magazine features a twin belt Uni-chain drive system for smooth transfer of bag stacks into the empty bag pick area. One conveyor belt is horizontal, while the other one is on an angle. The Uni-chain plastic belts also resolve rubber magazine belt tracking and the associated wear issues commonly seen in conventional rubber belting.

The high capacity bag magazine uses the same floor space as the standard horizontal belt model and provides the tremendous value that Thiele customers expect. It is available in many different standard lengths to suit your specific floor space requirements.

The Thiele high capacity bag magazine can be specified with a new machine and is also available to existing customers as a machine upgrade.

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