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Hayssen ISB with LED cabinet lighting

Hayssen ISB in the News

Dec 08, 2020

Earlier this Fall, BWFS launched the new Hayssen ISB vertical bagger. The interest and excitement from the packaging industry has been strong! We've highlighted a few recent articles talking about the Hayssen ISB below, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and click through to learn more about our exciting new vertical bagger.

News Round-up: Hayssen ISB

PackagingWorld_logoVF/F/S Machine Delivers Intelligent Sanitary Bagging
Next-generation design developed from customer interviews and deep company expertise.

"BW Flexible Systems’ new Hayssen ISB (intelligent sanitary bagger) aims to provide best-in-class sanitary design, modern industrial machine intelligence and intuitive operation for vertical form-fill-seal packaging."

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FoodEngineering_logoNew Plant Products: Hayssen ISB vertical form fill seal machine

"Hayssen ISB is high-pressure washdown capable, including its human-machine interface (HMI), which would typically require protection due to its sensitive components."

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PackagingStrategies_logoBW Packaging Systems to Unveil Various Solutions

"The ISB’s new innovative sanitary design is suitable for the most demanding applications and challenging environments. Discover the benefits of this vertical form fill seal bagger and explore the machine’s outstanding HMI and UX features."

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NationalProvisioner_logoBW Flexible Systems’ new Hayssen ISB vertical form-fill-seal machine delivers intelligent sanitary bagging
National Provisioner Online

"The Hayssen ISB’s HMI can be equipped with cellular network capabilities to communicate with tablets for training opportunities without affecting production needs."

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View the Hayssen ISB Teaser Trailer