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Get to Know: Bag Air Deflation System for Thiele Star Series Baggers

Mar 31, 2021

Thiele introduces a breakthrough in bag filling quality with the innovative bag deflation system. Because bag palletizing is critical to overall packaging quality, Thiele's engineers developed the bag deflation system to reliably remove air from the bag top prior to sealing.

This new system operates by pneumatically squeezing the top of the bag above the product level by using opposing guided cylinders directly below the top carrier belts (see images below). The position of the deflation system can be adjusted vertically through the Star Series HMI and will be stored in the recipe for fast future changeovers. Should the bulk density of the material change during a run, the deflation position can be adjusted manually for best quality and throughput.

If you run various bag sizes, there's no need to worry; the deflation paddles are customizable to the bag size, and the squeezing motion is extremely effective in reducing unwanted air in all types of bags.

Since the Star Bag Filling System reforms the bag after filling and deflation, the automatic presentation quality to the downstream internal sealing system is maximized, giving you a handsome, well-sealed bag that stacks well and keeps your product fresh.


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