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Get to Know: Thiele's Adjustable Spout Feature

Apr 15, 2021

One of the best ways to maximize throughput and optimize packaging efficiencies with a bag filling machine is to ensure that the spout's OPEN position is maximized relative to the bag size.

The spout assembly has two basic positions which are OPEN and CLOSED. Various bag sizes being run in a production environment means that the OPEN position must be carefully determined such that the spout opens to the maximum position for each specific bag size.

The servo motor registers a value of "O" in the closed position and is incrementally adjustable for bag face width values larger than 11 inches. This allows the spout OPEN to adjust to virtually any size and fit perfectly.

If the bag filling spout opens to much, the bag will potentially tear. Not open enough, and the spout will restrict product flow and therefore increase the dump time slowing packaging rate unnecessarily.

Having the spout open to the ideal position also helps to reduce dust as the fitment forces the dust towards the dust evacuation system.

Having the spout open position adjustable via servo motor from the HMI is a vast improvement from the traditional mechanical threaded rod with knob style adjustment. The more bag sizes are changed, the more the servo adjustable spout makes sense.

Each SKU recipe includes the value for the spout open position. During a run, the spout open position can be adjusted if needed.

Thiele's Adjustable Spout feature allows for fast, accurate changeovers.

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